Agenda of the meeting

09:30 – 10:00

Opening & Registration



10:00 – 12:45

Part I: Principles, Methods and Tools (Chair: A. Jovanovic)


  1. Welcome from the EU DG RTD NMP (A. Stalios) & EuMaT (M. Basista) & MUST (Th. Hack, A. Jovanovic )
  2. EU DG ENV (M. Galatola): EU concepts and activities in the area of impact assessment, in particular LCA (ILCD handbook, ELCD database etc.)
  3. Introduction to LCA (principles, ISO 14044, …), extension of LCA to Risk Assessment, overview of projects and position of EuMaT (A. Jovanovic) 
  4. Technology impact assessment (A. Ciroth, example from Prosuite project and openLCA Initiative)
  5. Possibilities and limits of conventional LCA methods and tools when applied to nanotechnologies (L. Breedveld, example of Plasmanice project)
  6. (a) Precautionary principle in the development of new technologies (Th. Hack & M. Zheludkevich, example of MUST project) and (b) need to develop new solutions for analyzing respective risks (A. Jovanovic, N. Filipovic, example from project MUST - Use of advanced modeling in impact assessment and risk analysis of nanosystems )
  7. Discussion


12:45 – 13:45

Lunch Break



13:45 – 15:00

Part II: Running and future projects (Chair: F. Montemor)


  1. Short presentations of relevant projects and role of LCA/RA in them:
  • iNTeg-Risk (G. Klein)
  • MATRANS (M. Basista)
  • M-RECT (A. Wood) 
  • Nanofate (R. Williams)
  • NANOFOL (B. Affeltranger)
  • NanoGEM (M. Voetz)
  • NanoHex (S. Scalbi)
  • NanoHouse (C. Som) 
  • Nanopolytox (S. Vazquez-Campos)
  • Nanosustain (M. Steinfeldt)
  • NANOVALID (R. Reuther)
  • NEPHH (M. Blazquez)
  • Particoat (V. Kolarik)


15:00 - 15:15

Coffee break



15:15 – 16:00

Part III: Sample applications (Chair: A. Ciroth)


  1. Applications: LCA for Advanced materials in car industry (M. W. Henriksson, Volvo (M-RECT))
  2. Applications: HSE risks of Nanomaterials (G. Klein, TÜV (iNTeg-Risk project))
  3. Applications: LCA of FGM and new coating materials (M. Cordella, R-Tech (Particoat and MATRANS))


16:00 – 17:00

Part IV: Conclusions & outlook (Chair: A. Jovanovic)


  1. Conclusions related to applications: (a) Common issues to all projects, open issues and possible remedies in the area of LCA (A. Ciroth); (b) Common issues to all projects, open issues & and possible remedies in the area of risk analysis (G. Klein)
  2. Possibilities of interaction: Current projects, future calls/projects (e.g. joint ENV-RTD calls, self-healing materials, mechanisms and effects of engineered nanomaterial interactions with living systems and/or the environment, ...) and other activities (A. Jovanovic)
  3. Final discussion and closure