EUMAT Strategic Research Agenda. Update 2017.
EuMat Steering Committee members

European Technology Platform
for Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies

EuMaT – European Technology Platform for Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies has been launched in order to assure optimal involvement of industry and other important stakeholders in the process of establishing of R&D priorities in the area of advanced engineering materials and technologies. EuMaT should improve coherence in existing and forthcoming EU projects, in the field of materials R&D.


EuMaT covers all elements of the life cycle of an industrial product, regardless if it is a component, a system or a final good:

  • design, development & qualification of advanced material
  • advanced production, processing and manufacturing
  • material and component testing
  • material selection and optimization
  • advanced modelling on all scales
  • databases and supporting analytical tools
  • life cycle considerations, including impacts, decommissioning, reliability, hazards, risks and recyclability

Main objectives of EuMaT

The main goal of EuMaT is to contribute to the best relation and dialogue between industry, R&D actors and institutions aiming at improving the coordination and synergies at national and European level in the field of Materials R&D.
The primary objective of EuMaT is to produce the Strategic Research Agenda which, with appropriate involvement of industry and other main stakeholders will provide basis for

  • identification of needs and
  • establishing priorities in the area of advanced materials and technologies.

In addition, EuMaT promotes

  • interdisciplinary education and training, and technology transfer and innovation
  • societal considerations in the R&D (e.g. potential impacts on public health, safety, environmental risks)
  • cooperation and initiatives at international level
EuMaT is open to all interested new members accepting EuMaT goals, principles and statutes.

EuMaT Organization of the stakeholders: The pan-European partnership

EuMaT includes members from:

  • Industry (large, medium and small, embracing the whole production and supply chain, including component, equipment and sub-system suppliers, service providers and user industries; those involved in technology transfer; also, industry associations)
  • Public authorities (regulators and policy makers, funding agencies; in the particular notified and licensing bodies)
  • Scientific and Technical Community (apart for education and research also those involved in innovation and interested in the issue of European Innovation Area);
  • Associations and Consortia from other EU projects
  • Financial community (private banks including the EIB, the European Investment Fund EIF, venture capital, etc.; in particular supporting SME’s)
  • Civil society, including users and consumers (involving the also the future customers, e.g. through associations).
Project Description
Acronym: EuMaT
Project No.: 12015
Type of project: Internal
Start date: April 01, 2004
Project coordinator: IK4-TEKNIKER
Total number of partners: 1024
Contact person (name/email): Amaya Igartua,
Project webpage R-Tech/EU-VRi:
Official webpage (coordinator):