July 28, 2017

Invitation to take part in events of our "Resilience Week" in Brussels, Sept. 11-15, 2017.


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· Agenda for the “Resilience Workshop”


July 14, 2017

 LUBMAT 2018


LUBMAT is a common initiative between TEKNIKER and JOST Institute for lubrication and tribology which realized that even though there were numerous international congresses dealing with the scientific approach for lubrication and wear, there were not any specific industrially focused. LUBMAT intends to address the industrial public without losing sight of the academic and scientific vision. LUBMAT is a well-established event that is in its 6th edition. Contributions are expected on all aspects of these three main topics:

  • Lubricants and lubrication management.
  • Tribology.
  • Condition monitoring.

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July 12, 2017

7th KMM-VIN Industrial Workshop (IW7)

 Biomaterials: Key Technologies for Better Healthcare  Erlangen, Germany 27th-28th September 2017

 The goal of this workshop is to bring together experts working in the broad area of biomedical materials both in industry and academia, covering topics related to design, fabrication, characterisation and applications of a wide variety of biomaterials. Materials science and technological aspects, cell biology and in vivo evaluation of new biomaterials as well as analysis of the performance of established biomedical materials in clinical applications will be discussed. In addition, contributions are invited to cover advanced concepts of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, including biofabrication approaches, controlled drug delivery systems and biomaterials models for in vitro screening and for cancer research and therapy.


July 26, 2016

EuMaT ETP has prepared a list of priority topics as a suggestion for the H2020 Work Programme 2018-2020

Full document is available here

Working Groups (WGs)

Working Groups are set up by the Steering Committee to take up specific ‘time-limited’ activities with clear deliverables related to the work of the Group. Working-group membership is open to any stakeholder or individual experts who can make a useful contribution. Each Working Group consists of experts in the relevant field. The WGs chairmen are members of the Steering Committee.

At present, seven WGs have been established to develop R&D priorities and strategy for the EU covering:

  • "Current status/value to the EU"
  • "SWOT analysis"
  • "Drivers"
  • "R&D needs"
  • "Barriers"
  • "Recommendations"

These Groups form the basis on which EuMaT recommendations to the EU are being made in order to provide input into the FP Work Programmes.  

The current WGs are: 

WG 1: Modelling and Multiscale
Chair: Amaya Igartua (Techniker)

WG 2: Materials for Energy
Chair: John Oakey (Cranfield University)

WG 3: Nanomaterials and Nano-Assembled Materials
Chair: Daniele Pullini (CRF)

WG 4: Knowledge-based Structural and Functional Materials
Chair: Michal Basista (IPPT)

WG 5: Lifecycle, Impacts, Risks
Chair: Aleksandar Jovanovic (Steinbeis R-Tech)

WG 6: Materials for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
Chair: Wanda Wolny (MEGGITT)

WG 7: Bio-Materials
Chair: Marco Falzetti (CSM)